S.J Courier

S.J Courier is one of the leading courier and hot shot delivery services in Regina and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to providing a premium range of services including overnight delivery, same-day delivery and more. We are committed to providing outstanding service to every customer and to offer the solution you need through one of our time tested and top-rated delivery processes.

Reliable Every Time

At SJ Courier we understand how important it is to find a delivery service you can rely on. When we make a promise we deliver on it. We take a great deal of pride in the number of satisfied customers we deliver for, and in the range of businesses we help. Every customer to us is one of prestige, from the small business owners to the top law firms.

Every day our reliability and trustworthiness are proven through our outstanding track record in maintaining excellence in every service. From the moment we take your package to the moment we deliver it, we stay focused and committed.

We Do It All

We have a top professional and friendly staff at all levels of the business from the couriers you see to the customer service you speak to. We aim to do more than just meet expectations. We want every customer to have excellent experiences every time. Whatever you need to be delivered, we can handle it, from small jobs to large ones. We know how to deliver even the most delicate of things. Envelopes, small packages, car parts, and more. If you need something delivered, we will get it there.

our promise to you

Maybe you need something delivered to the other side of the city, maybe you have an urgent mail run, maybe you have a truck full of parts that need to go out of the city, give us a call today and we can help. We have the experience, the reputation and the equipment needed to get your job done. At SJ Courier we promise to deliver every time.

Prompt Service 24/7

Don’t Wait, Give Us a Call NOW!

SJ Courier is here to deliver not just a courier service but an experience. We will pick up your courier and delivery it on time every time.