Courier Service Regina

From businesses to individuals many people take advantage of using a top courier service Regina like us. At SJ Courier we have invested in top professional employees, equipment and vehicles so that we can ‘deliver’ whether it be goods or documents via courier. There are some great reasons for using our delivery service.

reason one – fast delivery

One of the key expectations people have of their courier service is that it is fast! We promise a speedy courier Regina based service for all our customers regardless of what we are delivering. Businesses can deliver supplies and resources on the same day or the next. We have expert couriers, and outstanding staff ready to support the action of quickly moving something from one place to another. Utilizing our courier service is a far superior option than any other.

reason two – reliable service

Another advantage of hiring us is our reliability. Our current customers will testify that when we promise to deliver something we do. We promise results to get your packages delivered to the right place at the right time in the right condition.

reason three – promised safety

Of course, what is the point in fast service if we do not look after your package or parcels? At SJ Courier we are very aware that the responsibility of keeping your item in the condition it came to us, is on us. On the very small chance something outside of our control happens, and damage occurs, we offer guarantees and on loss. We are the most trusted courier service Regina has!

reason four – competitive rates

Another great reason to call us today? Our top rates. We are highly competitive and affordable. Whether you use the lower rate next day delivery option or choose to get something delivered in the next two hours, all our services are competitive and fairly priced.

using sj courier

When you need a courier, Regina based give us a call or go online and contact SJ Courier. Our reputation comes from keeping our promises to our customers and we have been delivering on time for many years! Looking for a courier service for a one-off transaction – we can’t wait for your call. Looking for somewhere to trust with ongoing courier deliveries – we are happy to set up a mutually beneficial business relationship!