Small And Large Packages Regina

Across the country, there is a huge demand for reliable services that can deliver all sorts of different parcels and packages, when they promise they can. Whether that is a small document in an envelope sized package or a large box, whether it is one item or more, SJ Courier serves Regina and its surrounding areas as one of its leading courier services. There are different kinds of delivery services and all have a different attitude to what they do. At SJ Courier we guarantee professionalism, speed, security and top customer service for small and large packages, Regina.

using a variety of packages delivery methods to get it done

We know sometimes a bike is needed, and sometimes a van, and sometimes a truck. We use the best method to suit the size of your delivery, how many parcels there are, and the time factor in the delivery ordered. Choose to send your large packages Regina with us and SJ Courier will take care of everything. Your items are protected so you have peace of mind. Talk to our friendly customer service team if you have questions. Our rates are highly competitive so feel free to compare and you will see our service offers excellence, experience and fair pricing.

we know people are counting on us

Whether that is to get a document to its destination on time or whether you are a business needing to get orders out to your customers, we know you count on us to keep our promises. That is something very important to us. Our reputation is important to us so your deliveries are important to us. We do deliver the promises we make on larger deliveries and small packages Regina.

accommodating shipments large and small

From small packages Regina to large if you have large shipments we can handle those too. We can accommodate all kinds of shipment in our warehouse where our trained staff can look after it. Our system is up to the date and staff know where the stock is and can get it out for delivery as needed. Our stock records are closely monitored so at any time we have accurate and up to date status reports. When you need real-time information we have it. Your stock is safe with us whether you are using us for your long term, medium-term or short term delivery needs.

sj courier is ready for anything!

Give us a call at 306-450-5590 and let’s talk!